How blood tests can help maximise your athletic performance
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Are you an athlete looking to take your performance to the next level? You may want to consider using blood tests to help you measure specific factors within your body that could have an impact on your athletic performance.

By utilising blood tests, you can get your body working at the optimum level and gain an edge over your competition. Blood tests provide a unique insight into an athlete's health and performance, and can help you identify and address any existing problems or prevent them from arising in the first place.

At our partner Healthcare facility Medical Laboratories, we offer more than 90 blood tests to help you take control of your health and gain a deeper understanding of how your body is functioning. We also offer a number of tests that are often utilised by sports professionals to maximise their performance.

These tests can indicate biomarkers that are crucial for athletes, such as levels of certain vitamins or proteins like Vitamin D and Ferritin, which can significantly impact athletic performance. Other markers such as Cortisol or Creatine can provide insights into overtraining and muscle recovery.

We offer both Male and Female comprehensive performance vitals, including testing across a number of key biomarkers for sports performance, in addition to individual tests for athletes across a number of important biomarkers.

Here are just some examples of tests we offer that can be utilised by athletes for sports performance:

🔹 Cortisol

🔹 Creatinine

🔹 Ferritin

🔹 Full Blood Count

🔹 Glucose

🔹 Iron

🔹 Testosterone

🔹 Vitamin D

Using blood tests to improve athletic performance is becoming increasingly popular among professional athletes and amateurs alike. By identifying and addressing any underlying health issues or deficiencies, athletes can ensure their bodies are functioning at their best.

If you are an athlete looking to maximise your potential and improve your performance, blood tests can provide valuable insights into your health and fitness. Contact us to learn more about how our tests can help you reach your goals!

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