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San Francisco-based company Velano Vascular (which was recently acquired by BD) developed an extremely innovative needle-free technology called PIVO that enables high-quality blood draws from existing peripheral intravenous catheter (PIVC) lines. This device helps eliminate needles during blood samples, which reduces patient pain and discomfort.

Velano Vascular was also named one of Fast Company's 'Most Innovative Companies in the World' and the fastest-growing medical device business in 2020, according to Deloitte.

How does PIVO work?

PIVO is a needle-free, single-use, sterile device that temporarily attaches to a peripheral IV catheter to collect a fresh sample. Using the existing PIV line as a conduit to the vein, a flexible, internal flow tube is advanced through the PIV, beyond the catheter tip, and into the vessel to collect a blood sample. This flow tube is designed to extend beyond the suboptimal draw conditions around the IV to reach vessel locations where blood flow is optimal for aspiration. When the blood collection is complete, the device is retracted, removed from the PIV, and discarded.

According to, blood draws are one of the world's most common invasive medical procedures, with an estimated 1 billion occurring globally every year and more than 400 million in U.S. hospitals alone. Hospitals' use of needles and central line access for blood collection can create unnecessary pain and anxiety for patients. Before PIVO, there had been little innovation in the collection of blood samples or related technologies. Nurses are calling for more compassionate standards of care when drawing blood in hospitals as the number of Difficult Venous Access (DVA) patients grows. They need a device that will reduce patient pain and anxiety, and PIVO may be the solution.

Case Study

In 2016, Velano Vascular and Griffin Hospital organized a 4-month-long pilot.

According to Velano Vascular, during the pilot period, 1,130 PIVO draws were conducted from ICU patients – representing approximately 80% of all blood collections in the unit. Assuming 40% of ICU patients are difficult venous access patients (requiring at least two needlestick attempts), ICU patients avoided the pain and anxiety of an estimated 1,600 needle sticks. Nurses rated their overall satisfaction with the PIVO device as 4.5 on a scale of 1-5 (with 5 representing extremely satisfied). They believe the device should be used with at least 85% of ICU patients.

All the survey respondents agreed that it provides a better and more pleasant experience for the patient. Patient feedback was equally positive. Many patients felt a great appreciation for not having to continually be stuck for blood draws.

In conclusion, the PIVO device offers a more pleasant patient experience, a safer environment for all medical practitioners, and improved workflow efficiencies for the health systems.

At Medical Logistics, we are excited to learn more about the device from Velano Vascular and hopefully use it in our clinic, on client sites, or during home visits.

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