Meet our Medical Director!
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Meet our Medical Director Dr Faisal Sattar - he's been with us since the beginning of 2021 through Medical Logistics. He's an NHS GP and also a private GP.

How did you become a part of Medical Logistics?

Through my private GP service, we provide COVID swabs and we needed somebody to provide the swaps for us, and to take the swabs to patients all over London. I got to meet Alex and he started providing fantastic service to us. They approached me afterwards to become Medical Director of Medical Logistics!

What is Medical Logistics?

Medical Logistics is a health care provider. Their first focus was all on logistics but after that, they realised the importance of convenience. Initially, Medical Logistics provided blood sampling for patients in the convenience of their own home or office, and more recently they've started COVID swabbing and making sure that samples are taken to the right place at the right time.

How have Medical Logistics helped during the pandemic?

Medical Logistics have been crucial in the pandemic. One of the things they offer is providing services at home or in their office environment, so the convenience they provide has been absolutely brilliant for patients.

What have Medical Logistics been up to recently?

Since I've joined Medical Logistics, the focus has been to ensure that they provide a safe quality and effective service. We've been focusing on achieving UKAS-accreditation. UKAS is the United Kingdom Accreditation Service who are tasked with evaluating medical laboratories but also more recently, COVID providers to make sure that they fulfill internationally recognised standards. We have had to ensure that all our processes are up to the standard of the ISO 15189, which I'm pleased to say we have recently passed!

How do you feel about the future of Medical Logistics?

I'm really excited about Medical Logistics - they've been a small team who've grown exponentially over the last several months. They have lots of ideas and I think going forward they will flourish! Watch Dr Faisal Sattar talk through his role at Medical Logistics on our Youtube channel!

Were experts

We're experts in time-critical deliveries and not only that! We also offer a wide variety of medical services such as blood tests, covid tests, and much more.