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Our Co-Founder Alex Landowski

Our Managing Director and Co-Founder Alex Landowski recently spoke to the Daily Express on our ambitious plans for Drone innovation, the opening of our new laboratory in Central London and the story behind Medical Logistics. See our breakdown of the article below!


Our co-founder Alex, who originated from Poland, used to work in the retail sector and came to the UK in a bid to earn more money, taking up a job as a bike courier in the medical supplies market.

It was during this job that he saw a huge gap in the market for innovation within the tired and dated logistics industry; finding it frustrating that the sector was not advancing operationally. He found logistics to be the weak link within the chain and saw an opportunity to create something much more effective. This also came during a time when private healthcare was able to improve the experience of patients whilst pressure was continuing to build on the NHS.

Alex started with a £50,000 investment from a friend to develop new, innovative logistics technology and buy a moped - and so, Medical Logistics was born! He started by offering his services to private laboratories, GPs and clinics in the London area, and completed all of the deliveries himself before building a team.

Fast forward 7 years, Medical Logistics is now forecasting a £3 million plus turnover for 2024 after a period of huge expansion and growth. The team is currently 25 staff and more than 50 contractors - with ambitious growth plans for the next few years.

Deliveries are now completed by our own electric fleet of vehicles in London and the surrounding areas, and we're proud to offer one of the most reliable, time-critical delivery services in the area.

We offer medical-only deliveries, allowing our highly-trained couriers to maintain the highest of exceptional standards, ensuring delicate medical samples are not lost in transit or shipped next to a bag of groceries.


Our latest venture, and one of our most exciting yet, is opening our first private Healthcare testing centre in Central London - Medical Laboratories.

After a year in development, Medical Laboratories opened in early 2023 and offers mobile clinical services, collections, screenings, tests, clinical consultations, drips and vaccines all completely in-house - ensuring an end-to-end service with shorter wait times, consistently high standards and no external partners involved. This comprehensive service allows our meticulously trained medical professionals to manage all aspects of the supply chain under one roof, ensuring a consistent and reliable service for our clients and patients.

Medical Laboratories was the final piece of the puzzle in our family of brands and now allows us to fully work across the healthcare sector. We offer mobile testing and sample transport through our own Medical Logistics transport and courier service, and then the medical professionals at the Medical Laboratories centre handle and analyse the sample and deliver the aftercare to the patient. Our strategy pulls a fragmented market together and is successful because it’s based on flexibility and maintaining excellent standards.

Our comprehensive service also means costs are kept low with no external parties involved, and we have crucial UKAS accreditation and CQC registration for extra piece of mind for our clients and patients. You can read more about our UKAS accreditation and CQC registration here.


In addition to our new laboratory opening, we're setting our sights even higher in the logistics field and adding an exciting element to Medical Logistics - Drones.

We are pioneering super-fast services nationwide; transporting urgent blood supplies, medication and examination results via drone. We recently participated in a ground-breaking and hugely successful drone super-highway trial carrying medical cargo between two NHS hospitals in Coventry, in conjunction with Skyfarer. Read more about the trial here.

Drones are a natural path forward and add a further layer to our business. The technology can save lives, time and the environment, cutting comparable road emissions by over 90 per cent.

This sector is in its infancy but has proven it has huge potential for medical deliveries. Our goal is to help make all parts work together, with 2023 planning to be a huge year for drone deliveries at Medical Logistics!

Read the full interview with the Daily Express here.

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