Working with the NHS: Proud to be a trusted, reliable partner
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We're proud to be working with the NHS 🀝

It is common knowledge that the NHS is facing an unprecedented crisis.

Despite the tireless efforts of incredible medical professionals, the facts speak for themselves.

The latest figures in February 2023 showed:

πŸ₯ around 7 million people are awaiting treatment

πŸ₯ 169 times more people are waiting over a year for treatment than pre-pandemic figures

πŸ₯ the average wait time for treatment is almost double pre-covid figures

As a private healthcare provider and medical courier, how do we fit into this?

We believe that we have a responsibility and a duty to work alongside the NHS to mitigate some of the strain and help alleviate some of the pressure.

Since our inception, our co-founder Alex has had a deep desire to work alongside the NHS and to provide assistance in any way possible.

What are we doing to support the NHS?

🩸 Through Medical Logistics, our medical courier business, we work closely with the NHS to transport critical blood and medical samples throughout London. We understand that if blood isn't delivered within four hours, it becomes unusable. Therefore, we provide a time-critical courier service for medical goods exclusively, to minimise wait times and maintain high standards. By working hand in hand with medical teams, we strive to provide urgent care to patients, ultimately saving time and lives.

✈️ We took drones to the skies for the NHS! We participated in a first-of-its-kind trial in conjunction with Skyfarer, which involved transporting urgent medical goods between two NHS hospitals in Coventry using drones. The trial consisted of 130 flights, covering almost 2,000 kilometres, and included 30 hours of flying time beyond visual line of sight, a UK first! This innovative drone technology has proven its potential to improve time-sensitive NHS services, ultimately leading to better patient care and saving lives.

πŸ”¬ We built Medical Laboratories; a cutting-edge laboratory and healthcare facility to provide blood testing and health check-ups for individuals who have the means to opt for private healthcare. By offering a comprehensive, all-in-one solution, we aim to further ease the burden on the health service, free up much-needed hospital beds, shorten patient waiting times, and reduce the workload on overworked medical staff.

We are honoured to be a reliable, trusted partner of the NHS and are committed to maintaining our exceptional standards and delivering superior patient care during all our collaborations.

Our mission has always been and will continue to be to work FOR and WITH the NHS 🀝

We’re experts

We're experts in time-critical deliveries and not only that! We also offer a wide variety of medical services such as blood tests, covid tests, and much more.